Move Out Guide

1. Please remove all items from the unit.
2. If you have unwanted items we recommend calling Goodwill. We do not provide any dumpster or trash services at our site.
3. Once everything is moved out please send us a text message or email us at Please include:
  • Your Name
  • Storage Unit Number (Example: Unit 5)
  • Your Location (Address where your unit is located)
  • A picture of the empty unit (leave un-locked)

4. Please leave your unit un-locked and close the door before you leave the storage facility.

5. You will receive a move out confirmation email within 48 hours.
6. A large disposal charge will be applied to your payment method if any garbage or furniture is left in the unit. The total amount will depend on how the local junk removal company charges.

Move Out FAQ's

1. What happens after I email my move out nofitication?

You will receive an email from our team within 2 business days confirming your move out. Then you are finished!

2. Can I leave unwanted items inside the unit after move out?

No, If any garbage or items are left in the unit after move out you will be charged a large disposal fee. This is outlined at the bottom of the lease.

3. Can I just call and confirm my move out?

No, you may call the office as well, but we still need an email or text message from you stating that you are moved out.

4. What if I send my move out email on the last day of the month and I'm on Autopay?

We do our best to check the emails and text messages each day but sometimes after business hours an email could be missed. You will be refunded the next day if you account is accidentially charged.

5. What if I move out on the 1st day of the month?

You are still responsible for the whole month. We do not prorate move outs.

6. Is any advanced notice required for moving out?

No, we do not require any advanced notice.